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Lor DW


My Magical Marvellous Genius Janice strikes again!!

'OMG, stunning!' Facebook comment...

'I know right? My request for "a sparkly corset with a sort of lace overlay sleevey cropped type thing with some silver grey velvet thrown in" turned out pretty well!! (Easy to see now why I always say Janice is a Genius!!)' Laura DW

Thank you ladies! Well Laura was an Uptight bride from 2008, and decided to have an special outfit made for her 6 year anniversary.....the brief was as above, it consisted of a MANgenta, the colour was named after Sticky's, Lauras Husband, new tattoo, the magenta, became more accepted if re named, MANgenta...and the no negotiable was 'it has to have massive crystals/ROCKS!! on it!..

So a simple Magenta silk corset, bound in silver velvet, with lots of Swarovski crystal rocks, a simple fitted pencil skirt with lace inset at the back and a over top with long sleeve in silver and wine couture lace, with the same silver velvet edging.

Lor DW