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England's leading designer of couture, coloured, corseted period inspired fairytale, alternative wedding dresses.

Rachel Woods

Rachel-'Maiden, mother,crone' 16th Oct 2015.

Rachel had an original design based on the Red Berries Design.

A simple red silk combination corset, flat fronted like an 18th Century, but with the hourglass waist nip of the 19th Century. With Golden tree and crescent moon embroidery on the front of the corset. The back has a small embroidery of forget me nots, and blue Swarovski crystals. The detachable sleeves had a fitted laced top, with a triple rose embroidery, of the Maiden, mother, crone in flower form. From the top a silk chiffon in red flowed a medieval style sleeve with gold edging.

The skirt was a full ball gown with small train.

Rachel Woods