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Mimmsie Woods

Mimmsie-Woods Shoot 2015.

Bex is Uptight's long serving Model, assistant and close friend, so when it came to making her wedding dress, Uptight was exited and honoured to do so.

Bex's actual wedding was on a beach. but we also had some fun doing some shots back in the not quiet so sunny UK...

But unlike all of Bexs normal modelling, there was to be no big corseted frock...as it was on a sun drenched beach on a Thai Island, so the lighter, less fabric the better...as long as there was enough room to sew on a million crystals, that was enough!

Bex's dress was a fitted, backless mini dress in shimmering pale green silk, with delicate pale green silk chiffon draped over the front and one shoulder. With a double layer coming from the skirt, with a small train, with an opening at the front, edged in gold thread.

Then there was the masses of varying shade and sizes of green and clear AB Swarovski crystals...all hand sewn in a cluster from one of the sides, spreading out over the rest of the dress. At the back there was a set of graduated draped hanging beads, framing her back, also sneaked in was her pet name, 'Mimmsy' in gold thread.

Uptight also made the headdress, earrings and wrist cuff.

Mimmsie Woods