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Jacqui H

Jacqui H- 6th August 2016.

Forest Reds....

Jacqui had an original and new design, consisting of a simple elegant corset in a sherry coloured silk with matching Swarovski crystals on the front.

There were also removable sleeves with gold embroidery for the after party.

For the ceremony, there was a Black velvet fitted bolero jacket, with high collar and laced cuffs, lined in the same silk.

The silk was a multi layered black tulle ball gown skirt, with a top layer of something a bit special....Uptight has had it special made for a new sample gown, but when Jacqui came in liking the Green Forest gown...I showed her this new fabric and a new plan was made!

This is a stunning burgundy tulle with laser cut trees in Blacks PVC, and two shades of Reds, giving a deep Forest landscape look. As this fabric is made to order, it can be done in other colour ways on request, I hope to get it made up again as a sample for next year.

Jacqui H