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Bev- 'Fire opal', Oct 13th 2016.

This was a very special commission, to make and for the lovely lady whom it was made for.

Bev is the Mum of Bex, Uptights main model of over a decade... and Bev has also modeled for Uptight over the years too, so it was a pleasure and an joy to do, if not a bit nerve wracking...!

Bev was married in Carnglaze caves in Cornwall, and the beach shots are taken just before at Harlyn Bay.

It was an October wedding, and Bevs natural colourings suited her Autumnal theme perfectly.

She had a rich burnt orange silk hourglass corset, with hand painted lace in golds, green , plum and rust colours, with tiny Swarovski crystal detailing.

The skirt was a full ball gown, from layers of browns and orange tulle's, with a scattering of Fire opal Swarovski crystals round the hem.

A full length graduated jacket was also made in a rich burnt orange crushed velvet, lined in the same silk as the corset, with covered buttons and laced back.

A headdress in gold wire and Swarovski crystals  was also made to match the outfit.