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England's leading designer of couture, coloured, corseted period inspired fairytale, alternative wedding dresses.


Dark skies in turquoise-blue silk with an old Oak tree...and bunnies!

A simple corset and skirt, but made from a beautifully hand painted silk, turning this new design into a walking piece of art!

The corset is mainly from black silk, but with a front panel from a piece of the skirt fabric, with embroidered tree and two tiny rabbits moon gazing. With a night sky of swarovski stars. The back of the corset also has inserts, and if you look closely, some charms, this design has been worn for real wedding, but is now part of the collection.

The skirt is made form many panels of the hand painted silk, this dress is completely inspired by the unique fabric itself, which two pieces can never be exactly the same. If you would like something similar to this, please enquire, although it would be impossible to do something exactly the same, we can come up with other fantastic variations, in any colour way. Which is the beauty of this fabric and design.

cut work and free machine embroidery, with textured dingle dangles down the seams.