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Dec 30th 2017...

Happy New year!

Uptight will be away for January, on  a little adventure to Australia :)

Uptight is still taking bookings for 2018-19, Consultations can be booked in from late Feb March on-wards.


During this time I will be unable to access my emails, but you can contact me via the Uptight Facebook page. 

Full details of the new collection will updated on the website in February :)


Jan 2017...

Now booking for 2017/18.....

This year is over half booked up so far, with most of these wedding for the  Spring and Autumn, so there is a few spaces available for summer, and winter, if your wedding is in Autumn, it can still be fitted in, especially if you are happy to have it made a little earlier. If you have a spring wedding coming up and wish for an Uptight gown, please get in contact ASAP to book your space!

Also now taking consultations for weddings/bookings  in 2018.

The new sample collection is well under way and the first, 'Black Velvet' and 'Teal Raven' are now on the Gowns section of the site. There are more coming as and when time allowing, so please keep checking back!

There is a sample sale page in the face book albums, under sample sale, Uptights first, details of this are posted on the Face Book page, in the Album, with details on each image, if there is one you are interested in, and need more info, please email or PM on Facebook.


April 23rd 2014....Have have had a great few shoots lately of some past gowns in different locations, and some new gowns, like the lovely Lacewing design and Yellow Sky...all these new pics are in the gowns section, but here a few you wont see there....

This year is almost fully booked with Wedding gowns but I have left some spaces to do some things I have been meaning to do for years..like re make the sample collection, which is going great guns at the moment. After getting my shades on, I conquered making a Yellow sample gown, as part of my personal mission to have a dress of every colour in the showroom, I only have Pink and Orange to go! I have started on the Brides gowns for this year now, but I will be continuing making these samples along side to get them all done this year! And another personal first, I finally put my accounts on to the pc, rather than pencil and paper....it felt good!

The Lovely Victoria, on the photo shoot with her five children in toe..yes five...and still soooo freaking hot....we have no excuses any more!

youngest to oldest......

...the cape was kidnapped and flown over the Dunstable Downs....

..and on a more dramatic day on the Downs...there be Dragons.....well, I may be watching too much game of Thrones...



Feb 2nd 2014.

Well last week saw three visits from Uptight Models, old and new, for fittings and  test shoots, below is the lovely Victoria wearing the new black spot broche single layer underwear corset.
One of the new lines for this years new non wearing and underwear corset collections. The full set of images from this will soon be in the underwear section of the site.

the fun cake corset....

The lovely Bex putting the corset over corst in action, silver trees and Black sparkle...



Jan 28th 2014.

Well the holidays are definitely over here...and back to work with a  bang! The new 'Roots' collection is coming along.
A range of simple underwear corsets, which is where Uptight started back in 1999, to go along side the corseted gowns.
These are simple, light weight, single layer cotton corsets, to give an elegant hourglass shape, as a big embroidered gown is not for everyone, but you might like to have a simple corset to go under your clothes for other occasions. The underwear corsets section of the site will be updated soon with this new collection.

The below pic is of the 'Labrodite lover lace' corset, with green silk taffeta skirt, but with  a newly made black under bust waspie over the top, this was done just to see how the shape of the waspie was on the mannequin, but with out taking the other dress off.....we thought it looked rather nice, so have now made it into a sample! It takes the elegant and somewhat more elaborate 'Labrodite' gown, and makes it a bit 'Games of Thrones', an unintentional, but lovely result!


The 'Labrodite' gown in its origional state....


The simple black waspie that transformed it!



....and this one is the classic blakc spot broche corset, soon to be modled by the lovely Victoria....




Jan 22nd 2014.

Am putting this fab ad from the Wedding Directory, WH Smiths Magazine, on here in full size, so you can copy and paste it  and keep it of you wish, much like a flyer...


Happy new year! Last year seemed to go like a whirl wind....and I still haven't done a proper write up on the frock off, which now is a distant memory...I will get there, still lots of pics to edit for that, but any one who attended will have been kept up to date on the facebook pages...where would we be with out facebook...in bed probably...but it has saved my bacon a fair bit, last year, with a few 'IT' issues here, all technology seems to hate me...the Fb can work as a great back up! and a brilliant way of getting feed back of customers, old and new.

Due to a unfortunate laptop death...I have had to go through some old files to retrieve some images, and stumbled upon this lovely image from 2007, when the gorgeous Mediaeval Babes wore a selection of Jewel toned Uptight gowns for their shot...fab to see it again!

I am going to try to keep this blog/update page up with general  news, new designs etc...along side the fb pages, as I know not everybody is on there.

Here is few pics from the Big Frock Off 2013, day/Night...

So here's a sneak peek of the latest creation, 'Aurora Nights', which is  stunning black printed lace which looks like petrol,/oil/ iridescent peacock feathers,/Beatles... hard to put in to words, and ever harder to photograph! It just the corset completed at the moment, so I have put it with an existing skirt and jacket from the Deadly Knight shade design, in a lovely purple silk taffeta for now, until I can finish the rest of it.

In other work, this year is booking up well, lots of Autumnal orders for the late summer and Autumn, and even one for an abroad winter wedding for 2015! But my current work is a bit more period, a stunning 1890's wedding dress costume, full on with multiple  petticoats, underwear corset, dress and jacket with 'Leg o' Mutton' sleeves, all in a lovely sea pearl lace and silk duchess satin...can t wait to get that finished......

and on the opposite side of the spectrum...a past bride is having a outfit made, in MANjenta, ( the manly shade of pink!) with a very modern corset, fitted skirt and lace over top....pics of that to come soon too! 

The below pic is of the lovely Victoria, a past Uptight bride, who now is a regular Uptight Model, we are working on a new underwear range..here is the first prototype...


cream cotton underwear corset.

And the main plan for the first part of the year, time allowing is to replace/re new as much of the sample collection as possible, with new design, in all sizes, and re makes of some Uptight Classics, with refined patterns and new ideas! With moving into the new premises and new website, it was definitely time to refresh the sample gowns too...and after a good rest, I am bursting with new ideas that I am desperate to bring into life!

The showroom.......and the ever multiplying gowns.....

Uptight has also been featured in Vouge's Dec-Jan issue, with the Purple Berry Crush Gown, perfect for a winter wedding!


So if your interested in what goes on behind the sceens here, or just seeing any any new gowns before they are officially put in the gowns/real brides section, pop back here every now and then. xxx




 Oct 2013...

So we did it! The' Big Uptight Frock Off' went really well, lots of hard work put in by all, and good time had, I will do a proper write up at the weekend, as as much as I enjoyed seeing all the lovely past brides, the present brides must take precedence on my time this week, with dresses to be completed and collected with 4 weddings coming up over the next few weeks!

The official pics will be up soon, and the unofficial chaos of the day is on the face book reunion group page.


The Big Uptight Frock Off!

Email Janice at janice@uptight-clothing.co.uk for your booking form.

Yes, after much cajoling form past brides, there will finally be an event for all you ladies who have had a fab Uptight dress for your wedding, and want to wear it again! We have picked a venue that is central, to Britain, as you brides are from all over the place, the the venue is The castle hotel, Tamworth, on Saturday 12th Oct. It is open to any past brides, and Janice is using it as an opportunity to to a massive group shot of all you lovely ladies together in one space, it will look amazing!

So the tickets;

Ticket Price £50 per adult, £25 per child. who wish come and wear their dress in an apt venue, a great gothic hall, with lots of other ladies in their frocks, you are welcome to purchase tickets for husbands, children or other you think would like to come along.

the big uptight frock off!

The ticket price covers;

The dinner (3 course meal) and Disco and the group photo shot, there will be nibbles during the day, as it may be a long one if you are there from the start, we have the room from 9am, with individual photos from 10am-4pm, (4.30pm-6pm, group shot)to hang out in your frocks on mass, and act like a queen, or bride again for the day!
Janice or helper can iron it and lace you in, I will need to do a schedule for this, as there is a lot of you...

The castle is next door, with stunning grounds for child frolicking and there is a bar (open from 11am) for the men, and of course, for the ladies too....
Max capacity for the room, 110.

The Venue, The castle hotel, Tamworth, the great hall, a stunning Gothic red hall with wood paneling and wrought iron chandlers....the inside location for the big group shoot, and the dinner, to be followed by Disco Dave, who I have it on good authority is brilliant...! All dietary requirements can be for filled, as can any disabled access , there is a pay bar in the private room for just us, and the famous vodka bar on the other side of the venue, should you wish to pay it a visit....I take no responsibility for what happens after this....
If the weather is good, we can all wander outside to have a group, shot out by the castle..so fingers crossed for that!
We may even consider getting some press coverage, due to the spectacle of it...we shall see.....so; Please email Janice directly for an order form, or join the facebook page for updates and to join the group.

Extra Extra!!!! Other additions which are separate and up to you, are:

Room for the night!?!?

Want to stay the night??? The hotel is great value, and is £32 per person, per night inc breakfast.
This means you can get dresses in your room if you wish , or there will be a dressing room next to the main hall where we can dress, be dresses and beautify our selves...shouldn't take too long, were are all gorgeous after all!
You will nee to book this directly with the venue, please use 'Bridal reunion' as arefrance to get the room rate. 018273 177000 

There are 40 rooms on site.

Professional Personal Photo shoot....thats a mouthful!

Mini personal photo shoot by Venus, 20 min professional shoot, with 20 edited images , this will need to be booked in directly with Venus, they will work out your time slot for this, and it will be in the room next door to the main hall next to the bar, so anybody you come with can be with you or nearby, if you want them too...
£100 Per person. This is a great deal, its normally more....

Details of how to book this to follow, meanwhile have a look Venus's websites and fB pages, they have a range of styles, so what you go for its up to you.... 01623 863874 Speak to Sam and refrance the 'Uptight Reunion'


Below, the Aqua -Oasis gown photographed by Venus.


Mini Pamper!

I have now sorted the fabulous Sarah White to do the hair and make up for the day, she will bring another lovely lady to work too as there are a few of you wanting this...
I will be putting her details on the booking form, but for those of you wanting to speak to her sooner her details are; 

The price for the mini pamper of hair and make up is £45. 
She will need to you to contact her, and she will post you a form with your details, skin type, hair colour, look you want to achieve, this will make it easier on the day if she knows the plan!
She is also available for thing's like massage, manicure, pedicure etc, that can be booked in separately for the night before if you are staying the Friday night too. The mini pamper, hair and make up for the shoot, 45min,this will need to be booked in a paid to them directly, at £45 per person.
Max capacity, 15 people.
Please email Janice directly for an order form, or join the facebook page for updates and to join the group.

Below, Jenny, real bride with fab Sarah white hair and make up!

 Please email Janice directly for an order form, or join the facebook page for updates and to join the group.



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