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Real Brides

This section is the real brides section. All the thumbnails link to Past Uptight real brides, with pictures either taken in the showroom or at the wedding. A big thank you to all the brides who have allowed their wedding picture to go on the site. Uptight feels this is a vital part of the site, showing how the gowns from the collection can translate through to the real brides.

Some brides had had gowns from the collection, either as the original design, or with it tweaked to suit their figure, or theme. Others are collaborations from many different parts of gowns from the collection. Some are brand new designs, created for individual brides who like the style of Uptight Clothing, but want something completely their own, or something that they cannot see on the site, but feel Janice can bring their dream to life.

Janice is happy to work with brides who want to realize an original design, based on Uptights style, ie, there will be a corset some where, underwear or outer wear. Feel free to bring images to show the essence of what you want, please please note Uptight will not copy other designers work, and would appreciate the same respect.

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