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Overseas Orders

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Folk in the USA/Europe etc...... unfortunately, there are no outlets in the USA, all designs are only available here in the UK. All designs do require personal fittings.

If you are an International customer, or live many hours away from the showroom in Bedford shire, there are ways of reducing these meetings, or fitting them into a holiday or business trip, they are as follows;

Stage 1. Meeting and design consultation, picking of fabrics, details, measurements can be taken at this point, but will need to be taken again if weight/shape changes.

This can be done via email, post and phone if necessary, with measurements being sent, via a supplied measurement sheet and my supervision over the phone if required. This means that your first visit can be straight to stage 2, the calico toile. Depending on the design, it can be possible to arrange for this stage to be part of an over night trip, with the first visit in the morning, and the second the next day, late as possible, although if it is possible to stay more than one night it would be better.

This combines stages 1-3 in one trip. The gown, again depending on design can be made up to the final fitting for another trip, and finished for the end of the trip, ready for collection. This is a very intense way of doing it , but it can be done, as I have just finished a gown for a client in Ireland, who has done it via two over night trips.

Please note, although things can be done via phone calls and email to get to stage 2/3, I highly recommend having a personal visit to start with, to ensure you like the style and colour of the gown in person.

Stage 2/3. Fitting of the calico toile, this must be done in person. If major alterations are made, another toile will be fitted, if not the alterations will be put onto the pattern, ready to make up the gown for the real fabric fitting. Any decoration will be sampled and ready for viewing and discussion.

Stages 3/4, can be done over one trip to the uk, but at least 5 days between fittings is required. This will be design dependant.

Stage 3/4. The is the fitting in real fabric, made to fitting stage, allowing for final adjustments and decoration to be viewed.

The stages between the last fabric fitting and collection , can be done on one trip to the uk, but at with at least 5 days in-between the fittings. Again, this will be design dependant.

(Stage 4/5. Second fitting in the real fabric, if there were no alterations at the last fitting, it will be made to finish, if alterations were made, it will be re-fitted, to ensure the perfect fit.)

Stage 5/6. Collection of the gown.


Although I would Love to cover an international market, all Uptight's corsets and gowns are completely hand made to measure, here in the UK by the designer, therefore mass production is not possible, only one off hand crafted couture gowns are made.


Below is a link to Rivendell Bridal, a uk based designer, making stunning ethereal/medieval gowns, who offer a very good mail order service;


Also for all those in the U.S, unable to travel, think this will be very welcome.....a few hand picked corset lovely's in the U.S....








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