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England's leading designer of couture, coloured, corseted period inspired fairytale, alternative wedding dresses.

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The Stars of the Show are....

Janice would like to thank the amazing folk who have helped beyond their call of duty, and who were worth far more than they were paid in, kind, corsets and gin and marrows...

Starring line up....

 Shelley, the original face of Uptight since the very start....still looking stunning! Shelley is a costumer maker in her own right, making for films such as Harry Potter, Kick Ass and the Avengers, to name just a few! Her fab sister is appears along side her on occasion in the underwear corsets, more of these to  follow...

Bex, the infamous tiny waisted lovely,  Who came to Uptight to sew, ended up doing this and much more....she now runs an amazing restaurant on the water side in central London, alas the world needed you more....you are missed here, a lot, but Janice hopes you will always return for a good lacing  up  in the woods for the next photo shoot! 


Bev, the glamorous Mum of Bex, how could we not have her when Janice hear she may be up for a frolic in the woods...dont stand too long round Janice...she WILL put you in a corset!

Sarah, Super model extraordinary! Sarah was the first model the Uptight put a call out for a gorgeous curvy lovely, and we coudlent get more of a curvy lovely than Sarah! Sarah has a very busy family and work life, but we hope to get her back soon!

Wendy, Well, what can we say about Wendy, From a coy start, Janice knew there was more to this wall flower.....costume maker, fiddler, Appellation dancer by day...smouldering temptress by ..it should say night, but it was a misty summer morning in the woods, truth be told...either way, a smouldering Wendy....

Victoria, is the latest Uptight recruit. Came as a real bride.....with her drop dead hour glass figure and face that makes men cry, this website took so long, as Mike, the web designer kept getting distracted.....we know why...! 


Then there all the real brides  who allow me to photograph them on the day, or send me their wedding pics for the site.A massive thank you to you guys, the models are great, but to see real brides is so much better, as it allows potential  brides to she how they may look on day, as well as showcasing all the wired and wonderful  desgins we have created together over the years, THANK YOU!

Then there's all the other clever buggers...

The fab Paul Adam, of http://www.pauladamphotography.biz/ 

Paul done some of Uptight first professional photo shoots, and is a fantastic wedding photographer, and has done some of Uptights real brides weddings.

Below, Paul making light work of our Shelley, photographer/he-man!


 Then there's Mike.......the new webman....the pic says it all....


......Patience of a saint!..... 'Mike, Mike, is just not Turquoise enough...where's the rabbits...Mike mike..!...'

The man deserves a medal!




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