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England's leading designer of couture, coloured, corseted period inspired fairytale, alternative wedding dresses.

About Uptight

Welcome to Uptight Clothing...

Uptight Clothing is situated in Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, LU5.

The home of the coloured wedding dress. Janice Whitehorn is England's leading designer of Alternative, Coloured, Corseted, Period Inspired Wedding Dresses and Bespoke Underwear Corsets and Fantasy Jewellery. Based in Bedfordshire.

All gowns are designed and made to order here in the Bedfordshire studio, and are only available via personal fittings, as this is made to measure, bespoke service, mail order is not available.

Uptight has been around form a while now, since back in 1999, and the previous website has done a grand job of keeping Janice, Uptights designer, very busy for a good 10 years, (a big thank you too all past brides who have made running Uptight a joy to run!)…making some spectacular wedding dresses for brides all over the UK and beyond…..we had count up and its just over 200 gowns to date, that’s a lot of pics indeed….. so busy in fact that old website had become a bit of a relic tech wise, but as you can imagine…over 10 years of real brides pics and gowns is a heck of a lot of pictures to update and transfer over to a new site, hence the long time coming of this new one! I can’t believe we finally done it, thank you Mike, the web man, yes Uptight finally got a professional on the job….. ‘Let go of those reins Uptight..!’ Its not called ‘Uptight’ for nothing here… 

Well, that was 2013...how time flies!

Its now May 2016, and the new workroom is settling in nicely with Uptight and the customers, we all think that working from the secret garden is fab!

It turns out there was just too many past real brides to continue up loading on the new site, along side the new dresses too. All new designs are on the website, and we have as many of the older ones as possible, and we also post past brides on their anniversary's on the Uptight Facebook page, so keep up to date with the more day to day on there. And we will put up some new pics of the showroom now its 'grown' in and the garden is now finished, there is even a life size Tardis in there...something a lot of the grooms and brides love to pose by!


This site will continue to be updated with new and past images over the coming months, so please keep coming back (…and email your comments to Janice, any input is helpful in these matters, after all you are the customer!) to make full use of the new data base system it will be running on, to help you find the type of gown you are looking for more easily. This will become more obvious once the site is fully complete with the full set of images, and if you are a real bride and have any fab wedding pics, or even pics of your in the dress after, as these gowns can be worn again and again, due to their non ‘traditional wedding dress style’, and flexibility of being made as separates, corset and skirt, means you can get lots of wear of them too.


Uptight Clothing based is Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, situated in the new lovely purpose built showroom...after over 10 years of being on an industrial estate, Uptight is now in its  new idyllic, secret garden location...

 The New Uptight SHowroom, outside view

Founded in 1999 by Janice Whitehorn, Uptight Clothing is a small independent business, specialising in Alternative, Couture -Corseted -Period Inspired Bridal Gowns, bespoke Underwear corsets and Fantasy Jewellery, all made to measure in the showroom in Bedfordshire.

After studying both fashion and Costume , Janice started her career as a costume maker working for theatres such us the Manchester’s Royal Exchange, and London’s Saddlers Wells, Covent Garden Opera House and Shakespeares Globe Theatre, alongside West End productions of The Lion King, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat, and Sleeping Beauty, Faust and A Soldiers Tale at the Royal Opera House, also for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and East Enders. But after a few years of doing both bridal wear and costume, the bridal side of the business soon took over and this is what she had been concentrating on for over the past ten years, in which she has made for over 200 happy brides.

Uptight Clothing have featured in major bridal magazines such as Brides Magazine, You and Your Wedding, Cosmopolitan bride & Alternative Weddings Magazine alongside wedding blogs like ‘Off beat bride’ and ‘Rock N Roll Bride’ .

uptight clothing new showroom inside view


All Uptight gowns are individually designed for each new client, and made to order here in the workroom in Bedfordshire. There are no out workers, all work is done by hand by Janice on the premises at Uptight Clothing.

At Uptight Clothing loves taking our brides on a journey, and strongly believe that the design and fitting processes of your couture dream gown are an important part of a brides wedding experience.

Your journey will start with a visit to the purpose built showroom to discuss your desires and dreams. You will enjoy a specialist design session and the illustrious skills of the proprietor and seamstress, Janice Whitehorn. This will encompass Janice getting to know you and noting your ideas and needs for your gown. A review of the colours chosen for your gown, the fabrics and any themes you are planning for your special day. Handmade accessories are often discussed at this stage to complement your bespoke gown.

Following this Janice will cut, fit and hand make your gown to order leading you through a hand drawn design, a calico fitting, gown fittings and finally present and dress you in your finished gown, a special day for any bride to be.

All gowns are as individual as you, and often the original drawn design will be tweaked during the fitting process as the luxurious fabrics, often decorated with beautiful hand embroidery, applique and beadwork come together

This process is personalised to the bride allowing you total control of your gown at each step of the way.

......Bring your friends to the fittings, and enjoy the experience of being the centre of attention, and having your own dress made in comfortable, relaxed, and more importantly, sparkly surroundings of the showroom! Not only are the sample gowns to see in person and try on, but jewellery to try with your gown. Janice can also help with finding a hairdresser, make-up artist, colours for brides maids.....all from one place!

uptight clothing inside new showroom



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