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England's leading designer of couture, coloured, corseted period inspired fairytale, alternative wedding dresses.


Corsets on their own...

As well as corseted gowns, Uptight can also make just the corset, as part of a wedding dress which you make, buy, borrow the bottom half.....
...in these cases if the skirt or trouser to be worn with the corset should ideally be brought to the corset fittings, so the corset can be cut and fitted over it where possible.

As underwear...

Uptight is currently working on a new underwear collection of corsets, simple cotton, single layer corsets for everyday wear...please inquire for more details.These will be added as they are done.

As well as corsets for other occasions, Uptight also specializes  in underwear corsets, especially for those with larger busts......allowing ladies who want to buy a more traditional gown,  that may not give adequate bust support on its own. It can also be made as part of an Uptight gown, as shape underwear, and dress to be cut over the top, for styles that don't have a corseted outer look.

Corsets just for fun...

Uptight also working on a new print fabric collection, in a range of colours and prints, for those who want to wear a corset out on the town...

When it comes to creating something bespoke and different for you wedding underwear, don't be shy, just ask, Janice is happy to try most things!

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