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England's leading designer of couture, coloured, corseted period inspired fairytale, alternative wedding dresses.

Time Scale and fitting process involved

All gowns are designed and made to order here in the Bedfordshire studio, and are only available via personal fittings, as this is made to measure, bespoke service, mail order is not available.

Uptight is now taking bookings for 2018-19.

 Do I need to book my gown?

Normally the booking of your gown needs to be made 6-12 months in advance.

But if its less than this, the years work can often be jiggled about to fit in dresses if needs be, so please contact me to see if theres space, some times they pop up if a weddings  been moved back etc....no harm in asking!

A consultation means... having your first meeting, to discuss your ideas, (a design will be drawn for you if it is not the same as sample design), try on sample designs, choosing your fabric etc.... Once this is done a written quote will be sent to you with a contract.

Costs... Consaltations are free of charge, with no obligation to buy. They can take between 1 hour, if you know what you want, and just need to try it on and check the style and colour. Or up to 3-4 hours , if you have no idea, and go through all the gowns and fabrics at length to decide.You will not be able to take photographs, but Janice will photograph you in each outfit, and send you these with the quote.

Booking means... If you wish to go ahead, then you will need to sign the contract with a deposit, usually 50%. This deposit is to show commitment from both parties to the making of the design, this is non refundable. It is used to buy the fabrics for the design, and any work up to the first fitting. If for unforeseen circumstances you need to cancel, any refunds will be up to the discretion of Uptight Clothing. Paying the deposit, and signing the contract, secures your space.

Time scales... You will have time to think about this, there is no hard sell. Your space will be held provisionally, if there is a waiting list, then a time limit will be put on your provisional booking, (This means I will pencil in your making space into the schedule, without payments, for a limited time) if you have not responded within this duration, the space will be allocated to someone else. If for any reason you cannot reply with in the time, just contact Janice to discuss alternatives. Once the space has been booked, the time for having your gown made is secure. Fittings are generally started 2-4 months before the wedding, unless you require it much before the wedding date.

Worried if you may change your mind in this time?

Although the design is generally set in the consultation and the quote based on this is agreed upon, (sometimes a few consultations are needed to reach the final design), it is possible to change the design if you wish, as nothing will be made in the real fabric until the second fitting. But the fabric is bought on booking, to ensure availability, thus the design can be changed, if it is drastic a revised quote will be given.

The below images and text show how the meeting fitting process go,

In the beginning.........

This is story board of a real bride, Sarah, to show you just how things work.

The process starts when you first visit the studio, for the consultation..

We start by sitting down together and getting to know each other and seeing if we are on the same wavelength, having your wedding dress made is a very personal experience and it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease with your maker. We then go through the portfolios and discuss your ideas and needs for your gown.

Complementary headdresses and jewellery can be made to match your gown, as well as shoes or boots. These can be chosen from the collection, or designed especially for you.

There is a selection of gowns to view and try on, this is limited as all gowns are hand made and fitted, so having a mass of samples like high street shops is impossible, but there is a wide range of sizes of corsets to try on to show you how you could look, and to give you an idea of just how much a well made and fitted corset can reduce your waist, painlessly and with out fainting ...contrary to myth.

The story board has been re-done with Sarah, who first came as a new model for Uptight, and then recently go married. So we decided to used sarah's fitting experience as the new story board.

This picture is of Sarah on her first visit, firstly in her normal clothes. She is a dress size 18-20.

 Sarah real bride in her normal clothes

Sarah in the sample corset and jacket, with a possible chosen fabric laid over the top.

This is done to see how it may look in the real fabrics, and to check if on mass, the colour works with her skin and hair colour.

This will not fit her exactly, but will give a good indication of how it will change her shape, and how comfortable they can be, its not like wearing a T-shirt, Uptight's corsets are fully boned with metal bones, and unlike many modern corsets boned with plastic boning, it will not stay bent when you get up, the steel will return back to its original form after rigorous bending.

A corset can be fitted enough to shape and flatter your figure, or can be used to reduce your waist from 2"-8", this all depends on the wearer and their body shape; it is completely up to you.



Once the fabrics and shape has been chosen, a design will be done, a copy of this, along with a quote/contract will be posted out to you.


Time scales................

To achieve the best fit especially if you are trying to loose weight, then the first fitting for the gown is generally started 6-8 weeks before the wedding, allowing the final fitting to be done 1-2 weeks before the day.

If your weight is stable and you do not wish to loose weight, then there is no reason that your gown can not be done as much in advance as you require, you may live far away, being married abroad, or like to have things ready well in advance to set your mind at ease, it is completely up to you.

Weddings are generally seasonal, peak seasons are between may and September, if your wedding is in peak season then I recommend that you book 12-18 months in advance, the winter month are quieter so 6-12 months is adequate time.

The Toile...................

The next step is the toile; this is a mock up of your corset/gown in cotton or other appropriate fabric closest to your gown.

Fitted skirts are made in calico first, but some bigger skirts can be made up in the real fabric to fitting state.

This is then fitted, and any adjustments made. Depending on the style of the gown and the adjustments made there can be between 3-5 fittings, depending on the complexity of the design etc... Average is 3 fittings.


The back opening of the corsets varies depending on each clients needs.

If the client wishes to do maximum waist reduction then a 4-5" gap is allowed for tightening, this gap has a placket underneath it to cover the skin, making a feature of the lacing.

Below, Sarah in the fitting corset, then the finished corset.

Your corset can also be made to close at the back if you require, The advantage of having a laced corset is that the lacing gives the wearer flexibility, as the laces can be loosened or tightened within a few inches without affecting the overall look of the design, so any weight loss or gain days before the big day won’t affect the dress.

Sarah in the fitting, with mock corset and sleeves, then in fabric fitting corset and sleeves. Jewellery is also fitted at this point.

Fabric Fitting............the sit test...

Once the toile has been fitted and adjusted to the required design, a fitting of the gown is made up using the real fabrics, leaving the top and bottom edges until the shoes have been chosen.

This is to check the heights and lengths of the sleeves, bodice, skirt etc...

Also in the fitting, a test sit is done, so the corset can be fitted to the right length so you can sit down, yes on a chair, and if you fancy, on the floor!

Final fitting................

Final fitting, with all hems and edges completed, the gown is tried on one final time.....

Sarah had a jacket and separate sleeves and fur wrap with her design, allowing for an evening change.

Jewellery can be made to match your design, including wire work bouquets.

On the big day................

The correct dressing of your gown is of utmost importance, putting it on incorrectly can change the whole look, Janice will supply you with a information sheet with diagram, of how to put on a corset, and is happy to show any willing friend how to do it, alternatively Janice is happy to travel to your venue to press and dress you in your corset, giving you complete confidence that you will look stunning on the day, without having to worry about finding someone else to do it.

This service is additional, please contact Janice if you require a quote, and please give your date, time and destination.

Each fitting is photographed for reference, these pictures can be emailed to you if you wish to keep as mementoes of the unique experience of your dress being made, start to finish

Sarah on the big day at Lake Windermere.


Who is this strange short person with the lovely Sarah....? Surely Janice has not been let loose in public....


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