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England’s leading designer of couture, coloured, corseted period inspired fairytale, alternative wedding dresses.

About Uptight Clothing

Janice has a true passion for making beautiful, couture corseted gowns, and specializes in making your dress personal to you as a person, and as a couple, bringing together any significant symbols, logos, totems etc…into beautiful pieces of one off embroidery that can be applied to the corset, sleeves and skirt, making your dress truly unique to you.

Inspired by nature and the natural world, Janice has embroidered everything from rabbits, to newts and horses, to microscopes to copying a tattoo to having their wedding invitations logo interpreted to beautiful textual embroidery, using techniques such as appliques, hand painting, beading, crystal application, gold work hand lace work and both machine and hand embroidery’s. Mixing both period, traditional and modern styles. These gowns vary from outrageous, colourful, theatrical, fairy-tale creations to those with simple fluid lines and a concealed corset for a glamorous silhouette. You can see examples of these throughout our website and by appointment at the showroom.

Uptights most Iconic design to date, is the Original Dragonfly Design gown, a stunning Turquoise silk gown with embroidered Dragonflies and cut work embroidery, since the first done in 2005, this design has been made up in many other colour ways and dress styles and planted Uptight firmly as the Unique, Alternative wedding gown go to!

turquoise silk dragonfly corset wedding dress

Janice herself is a graduate in fashion and theatrical costume, and specialises in bringing the best out in all shapes and sizes of women especially those of non-standard sizes who may find it difficult to find that right gown anywhere else.

Many of Janice’s customers are curvy and voluptuous ladies; an Uptight corset can take inches off your waists, but more importantly, a Uptight corset will re shape the figure in a flattering manor, whilst still being comfortable to wear. The result is that you look and feel fabulous, without having to resort to radical dieting! Never let your shape stop you from wearing what you want on your big day, curvy , Plus size ladies….show off those curves!

Real bride Jen;

real bride jen in purple silk taffeta

A bespoke corset also benefits slimmer women, with small backs but large busts – an impossible shape to fit elegantly off the peg. Women with this type of figure often have to resort to wearing a bigger size that makes them look larger and frumpy. An Uptight corset fits the ribcage, supports the bust and nips in the waist – the results are spectacular! If fact, a corset fitted to do so, can make an athletic/slender figure more curvy by enhancing the natral curves and nipping the waist in.

Uptight Model Wendy, small ribs and underbust, with large bust….fully supported….

corset for small ribcage, underbust and large bust bespoke corset

Since the change in the Law in wedding venues etc…, couples can now marry almost anywhere, from Big Gothic Castles and period homes, to Forests and beaches, so the scope to be as wild a creative with your wedding dress is wider than ever…

There are no rules on how a wedding should be these days, so whether it be a psychedelic hippy , rainbow warrior, green eco wedding, …a tattooed pierced punk rockabilly wedding ….an Alternative coloured wedding dress of black, red, pink, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange, gold or silver….there are no colour rules at Uptight!…fantasy fairytale Elvish wedding, a leather clad biker wedding …..burlesque Dita von Teese style wedding ….corset clad siren….gay, straight, pink wedding…. colourful creative alternative ,be a freak unique, an elegant gothic bride,….a rustic farm yard cottage wedding….in a castle, in the woods, on the beach, in your garden, from a hot air balloon…. Perfect for Pagan and wiccan hand fastings, with woodland themes and nature based designs, jumping the broom has never been so stylish!….the world is your oyster, do it your way, you’ll be surprised how positive the feedback will be. Go for it!

Be true to yourself.